Since the forces of imperialism which oppress independence are allied on an international scale, the struggle to oppose imperialist domination and oppression and defend independence, too, cannot but be an international undertaking. Because of the community of their historical backgrounds and interests, the formerly oppressed nations and peoples who have been subjected to colonial slavery, with their independence and sovereignty downtrodden by imperialism, are united together on the same front of struggle to oppose imperialism and defend independence.

The peoples of small countries who have long suffered oppression by foreign forces need so much the more the sense of national dignity and revolutionary pride.

The heroic struggle waged by our anti-[imperialist ruler] revolutionary fighters of the past is an example that teaches the truth of real life and struggle to the younger generation who have not experienced the ordeals of the revolution. Schools should make great efforts to educate the students by referring to the shining examples set by our anti-[imperialist ruler] revolutionary fighters of the past.

Picture this: there is a state that has recently overthrown its imperialist overlords, led by a charismatic guerrilla fighter. Built on principles of national self-determination, sovereignty, self-sufficiency and community cohesion, the new anti-imperialist, decolonial state works quickly to unify its people after a brutal war. Local culture is protected thanks to robust laws that are designed to uphold its people’s national heritage.

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It’s North Korea, which was founded on principles of self-determination, national sovereignty, anti-imperalism and decolonisation. Those quotes up there? They’re from Kim Jong Il’s “On the Juche Idea” and Kim Il Sung’s “Theses on Socialist Education.” And the “imperialist ruler” was, of course, Japan.

North Korea is what happens when you focus on decolonisation rather than human rights and dignity. You just replace an external overlord with an indigenous one. National sovereignty, liberation, and self-determination are not the same thing as human rights. North Korea may be free, but its people are not.

I am convinced that “decolonial” is merely a posh, lefty term for “xenophobic.”