(To be fair, not all of it. But I hate most of it.)

But when I say that, people look at me as though I’ve grown two heads. Some assume that it’s about the lyrics and recommend more “conscious” rappers like Kendrick Lamar. Some think it’s some kind of racial self-hatred “because that’s our folks’ music.” Nope. (And I really don’t mean to throw shade at Kendrick; he seems like a decent guy.)

It’s more that I don’t like being talked at when I’m trying to listen to music. It’s like being accosted in a bar and having a guy ramble. I know rapping takes skills, especially freestyle. I know there are artists with great lyrics. But I process hip-hop as speech, not music.

I’m more likely to enjoy parody raps because it’s more like listening to a play or podcast. But Drake, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, or whoever? Turn it off now! (I’m clearly showing my age—does anyone still listen to 50 Cent and Ja Rule? *sighs* I sound like somebody’s dad, clearly out of the loop. Though I did hear Nelly’s “Country Grammar” on the radio a few weeks ago. Shades of ninth grade!)